Premier Commercial Real Estate Sales Solutions

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, potential buyers for your lucrative investments may span the globe. Globalvestment Capital Partners serves as a vital link connecting international real estate buyers and sellers. Our mission is to maximize your property’s value through comprehensive local, regional, national and global marketing strategies, utilizing our vast network of over 150,000 investors and property owners from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America.

Disposition Solutions

We offer tailored commercial real estate disposition services to organizations seeking to maximize their profits. Our team works closely with key stakeholders to establish disposition objectives, evaluate property value, devise efficient marketing strategies, oversee the process, and negotiate terms for optimal success.

Advantages of Disposition Services:

  • Employ a proven process for informed decision-making
  • Guarantee the transaction process meets operational objectives
  • Secure optimal business terms through strategic negotiations

The Five-Step Commercial Real Estate Disposition Process

Our structured disposition process consists of five distinct phases:

Strategy and Initial Pricing: Assess the property’s market standing, prioritize objectives, and develop a preliminary disposition strategy and pricing structure.

Due Diligence and Final Pricing: Verify the property’s strengths and weaknesses, identify property condition concerns, and determine the final pricing.

Marketing: Engage potential buyers with organized, targeted marketing initiatives aligned with the seller’s goals and objectives.

Negotiations: Direct negotiations and communications to secure the best value for the property, assess offers, and finalize terms.

Closing: Ensure the negotiations’ intent is reflected in the final closing terms, scrutinize documentation, and coordinate the final execution of documents and transfer of ownership.

Global Connections and Strategic Alliances

Our exclusive partnerships with major institutions, family offices, ultra-high net worth individuals, and real estate investors/owners worldwide empower us to optimize the value of your real estate assets. Our multinational presence and extensive global agent network, deliver localized insights and corporate expertise with logistical proficiency.

Dedicated In-house Team and Industry Expertise

Our committed in-house team, concentrating solely on our managed portfolio of assets, is adept at managing a diverse array of deal structures. Boasting considerable investment sales and capital markets experience, we have cultivated robust relationships with top-tier investment advisory firms across the nation, enabling us to negotiate forward takeouts, joint ventures, or direct sales with the highest level of professionalism.

Unrivaled Results for Your Commercial Real Estate Sale

Join forces with Globalvestment Capital Partners to leverage our global network, industry expertise, and resources in achieving unparalleled results for your commercial real estate disposition requirements.

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